Paula Coleman Hutchison

As a busy mom, I know how hard it can be to put YOU first. We find ourselves caring for and putting others first on our priority list. We tell ourselves that we don’t have time for a fitness routine, or we find that perhaps we lack the knowledge to even know where to start. And finding the resources to know
what to prepare for healthy and nutritious meals that match our goals in our already busy schedules seems so daunting. Between kids’ sports, work schedules, life events and commitments, it can be exhausting to juggle it all while striving for YOU to make it on the list of priorities.

Much like you, I have been there and understand the importance and need for guidance and the “know how” when it comes  to fitness and nutrition, thus Strïv was born out of my drive to share what a little bit of hard work and commitment can do to bring lasting results! Strïv provides all of the tools you need, in one complete solution, to achieve superior results. Creating a healthy relationship with food and enjoying a variety of fitness plans will give you the ability to commit to reaching your goals in our programs!.

Excellence is the gradual result of always striv (ing) to do better.